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Living on this earth always commits activity what is called economic activity in everyday life. Transaction (contract) to run a life, without realizing that in life always do the contract of al-
Ariyah (borrowing and lending). The borrowing is done by some ways, whether in the form of goods, money, or other things. Moreover, there are many eventsat present, disputes, or chaos in
the community due to lending and borrowing problems. No wonder this problem arises in every society and ends in court. This happens because of his lack of understanding of rights and obligations to the issue of lending and borrowing. The study of loans (al-Ariyah), the author is interested in discussing about: Consequences of contract al-Ariyah in Muamalah Fiqh Maliyah Ulama Madzahibul Arba'ah Perspective which the authors examine from various aspects, understanding, law, consequences, and others about borrowing(al -Ariyah) so that there is no misunderstanding and misunderstanding of the al-Ariyah contract (lending and borrowing). Property is a basic component in human life, where wealth is an element of ad-dharuri which cannot be abandoned. With human assets, they can fulfill their daily needs, both primary and secondary needs in daily life. In the link of social interaction and to fulfill their needs, there is a horizontal relationship between humans, which is related to Muamalah Maliyah, because basically human beings are not perfect, and need each other, because humans also have a desire to fulfill their needs, which are endless, except with gratitude and sincerity to the AlmightyAllah, contextually this matter also needs to introduce the existence of Allah Almighty. who gives favors and blessings to humans so they can feel happiness in him.

Keywords : Ariyah contract, Maliyah Muamalah Fiqh, Madzahibul Arba'ah

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