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Islamic boarding school is a kind of Indonesian Islamic culture and education treasure. In education history lifetime in Indonesia, the existence of Islamic boarding school is undoubtedly. Before the state or private school started their existence, the Islamic boarding school have already
given a massive contribution towards the education development and the human resources establishment in Indonesia. The Islamic boarding school have yielded many national and international figures, such as KH. Hasyim Asy'ari, KH. Wahid Hasyim, KH. Mahfudz Tremas, KH. Nawawi Banten and many others. Islamic studies, as any other studies, have always been developing and actively interacting with the realities and modern life styles. Due to that matter, the Islamic boarding school as the centre
of Islamic studies are obligated to develop itself and made an open-minded view of recent realities. Nowadays, one of the rapidly Islamic studies is Islamic studies. The Islamic boarding school with their intellectual strength, has a big potential to become an Islamic studies moving spirit in Indonesia. However, in reality, the Islamic economy studies haven't made any good connection to the Islamic boarding school, but it is still concentrated in common universities. The Islamic boarding school establishment participation in Islamic economy studies is considerably important. It is for the Islamic boarding school itself, for the Islamic economy development or even for Moslems as
general. The participation of the Islamic boarding school is needed in order to spread and keep the purity of its syaria law as the solution for the Moslems economic problems. The Islamic boarding school contribution in Islamic economy can be strengthened by the revitalization of fiqh and ushulfiqh studies in Islamic boarding school. By the revitalization of contemporary fiqh and ushulfiqhmuamalah studies which focus on the modern economic problems. The Islamic boarding school has big potential which another institutions don't have, thus the Islamic boarding school studies which are dominated by the fiqhand ushulfiqhstudies. But, the studies are only focused on the problem of worshipping fiqh and only in the scope of Syafiimadzhab (point of view). The studies of fiqhmuamalah haven't been proportionally got place. Besides, the studies in Islamic boarding school haven't conducted studies on contemporary fiqh, so the fiqhmuamalah in Islamic boarding school haven't been grounded and felt reluctant on facing the modern economic realities.

Keywords: Revitalization, Islamic boarding school, fiqhmuamalah, Islamic economy

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