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Weights and dosage is the kind of stuff most common measurement in
trading and selling. Even some of the items that are usually measured or
calculated unit is also sold by weight or measure, for example fabric kilogram,
kilogram eggs, kilogram chicken and soon. However, in the fact not all merchants are honest in weighing or measuring. They felt had benefited by reducing the scale or dosage. In this case the disadvantaged is a buyer, and not a few difference because of the lack of proper scales. Just as in the observation of the author of a quantity of traders in the Bandar market. This research is a field (field research). In practice this study using the method of observation and interview in the search for the required data. The existing problems in this study were analyzed from the standpoint of jurisprudence on usury. From the analysis, it can be concluded that in terms of scale fraud committed by some of the traders Bandar is a category of usury Fadl. And thus acts forbidden in Islam. It is one of the trade practices that are not justified under the rules of Islamic law. Scale fraud committed by the traders implies that in fact he had eaten treasure usury. In addition, the adverse parties the buyer is a wrong action. Thus, in Islam scales denounced fraud perpetrators will receive severe sanctions in the Hereafter.

Keywords: cheating, dosages and scales, merchants

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