Moch. Bayu Al Fatih, dkk.


Snails are one of the animals that can be produced by the factory to be used as
human consumption. In this regard, the production process is closely associated
with the snails as food that can be consumed. Definition of production itselfis
thhuman activities toproduce goods and services that are then it is used by
consumers. Technically, the production is the process of transforming inputs into
outputs. The production has an important role indetermining the extent of human life and prosperity of a nation. Snails become one of the output in production and into food favored by the people of Indonesia. In that context, Islam has its role that is seeing its level of halal. Islam in producing something concerned with halal. Indonesian Council of Religious Scholars intervened in determining the level of halal in term of eating snails. Snails has many benefit and to be the specialty and favorite food in Kediri generally, even in Kediri the market selling of snails or processed snails makes society welfare become a place that is very popular for tourists to taste the snails and become one of the villages snails in Kediri, with the highest processing snails in Kediri. There is even a factory that produces the target slugs through to overseassales. Despite its benefitsaresoprominentfixed MUI forbids Muslim society due to snail eating snail that lives in two realms.

Keywords: Economy, Production, Islamic Law

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