Asketik : Jurnal Agama dan Perubahan Sosial

(P-ISSN: 2579-7050, E-ISSN: 2615-4668)

Asketik : Jurnal Agama dan Perubahan Sosial Is a journal with a collection of articles of social studies, with a religious focus and people's lives. The focuses in this journal are religious issues and those that occur in society. Those issues may be associated with aspects of culture, economics and politics that develop. The Journal of Asketik is expected to be a quality scientific journal in supporting the development of the academic climate and research, in the field of religion and change at the national and international level.

The scope of Asketik: Journal of Religion and Social Change includes analysis on :
- Contemporary Social Issues
- Religion and Social Culture
- Religious Social Change
- Sociology of Religion

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Vol 4, No 2 (2020)

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