Bahasa Indonesia

1. The article is conceptual writing or research results in the field of Religion and Social Change studies that has never been published in other media both print and online.

2. Manuscripts are written using A4 paper size, 4-4-3-3 margins, Times New Romans (12 font size), Spacing 1.5 and 25-30 page length.

3. The manuscript is written by following the following systematic:

    a. Title

        • Simple and informative

        • Capital, Bold (Kapital, Tebal)

    b. Writer's name

        • Written under the title

        • Full name without title

        • Use the word AND if the author is more than one

        • Author's institution

        • An active email address

    c. Abstract

        • Written in English if the Indonesian script is written in Indonesian if the script is in a foreign language

        • Abstract length of 250-300 words, spaces 1

        • List at least 3 to 5 keywords

    d. Preliminary

        • Background of Study

        • Research objectives and benefits

    e. Methodology

        • The writing method presents the correct steps or procedures used in writing scientific papers that describe carefully the methods or methods of gathering information and or data, analyzing information and or data, drawing conclusions, and formulating suggestions. Writing methods can include: the type of research, the location of the study along with the reasons, the type of data, data sources, data collection techniques, sampling techniques, data validity and data analysis.

    f. Discussion

        • Findings and results of research

    g. Conclusion

    h. References

        • Examples of writing Bibliography: (Author's name is reversed, Year, Title of book, City of issue, Publisher)

Example: Larner Daniel, 1983, Fading of Traditional Communities, Yogyakarta: Gajah Mada University Press.

4. Manuscripts include references using the stomach note system (adnote) with the following conditions:

   • The source referenced was first written in full by stating: Author's Name, Year, Page (Publisher Name, Year of Issue), page (p.). The manuscript includes a bibliography with the same writing pattern as the footnotes by omitting page information and parentheses in publication data. The bibliography is arranged alphabetically before the author's last name.

5. Completing guide and supporting files,  can be DOWNLOADED HERE.