Bayu Kurniawan, Iwan Marwan, Abdul Manan


Teaching media in relation of teaching and learning process in school, can enhance the learning process of students in teaching which in turn is expected to enhance the learning achievement. This study intends to find out whether there is a significant influence to the students through the e-comic teaching media and to know the effectiveness of the application of this media so as to improve student learning outcomes in MTs Negeri Grogol.The population of this research are 348 students of Grade VIII MTs Negeri Grogol, Kediri Regency which is divided into eight classes. While the number of samples in this study are 84 students of class VIII-A and VIII-B. Sampling was determined by random sampling technique. The result of experimental quantitative research reveals that learning with the use of e-comic learning media is more effective than the teaching and learning process without using instructional media on the subject of halal and haram food and beverages in Grade VIII MTs Negeri Grogol. The group treated using e-comic learning media has an average value of 75.05. While the group that is not treated or using the conventional method has an average value of 68.48.

Keywords: Effectiveness of Media, E-comic, Learning Outcomes, Fiqh.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.30762/ed.v1i1.442


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