Arif Hidayatulloh, Wahidul Anam, Moh. Zainal Fanani


The 2013 curriculum, aimed at encouraging learners, is better able to observe, ask, reason, and communicate (present), what they gain or know after receiving learning materials. Research focus: 1) How is the implementation of Curriculum 2013 in Kediri City? and 2) How is the Problem faced by Islamic Religious Education Teachers (PAI) in Implementing the 2013 Curriculum in Kediri City? The results of this study revealed that: 1) Implementation of Curriculum 2013 in Kediri City has not run maximally there are still shortcomings that must be improved for example, mentoring in implementation is very less. 2) Problematic Teachers PAI, among others, have difficulty in implementing learning, due to lack of understanding of teachers about the Curriculum 2013 with the concept of learning Curriculum 2013, the delay of procurement training for teachers, especially teachers PAI about the curriculum 2013, and so on Insufficient facilities and infrastructure in supporting the implementation of Curriculum 2013 in some of the existing in Kediri, thus hindering the implementation of the applied curriculum.

Keywords: Problematic Teacher of Islamic Education (PAI), Implementation, Curriculum 2013.

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