Dewi Susanti, Moh. Rois, Fartika Ifriqia


Forward the retreat of an educational institution is very influential on the leader figure. In the principal education institution has an important role to advance the school in the lead. Basically education consists of several components that affect each other and related to each other. Of these components, the teacher who plays an important role and is the key to the success of education. For that the competence of a teacher should be improved. With the principal component of teachers and principals that play an important role for the advancement of education, the authors are interested to explore the leadership of principals in improving teacher competence, with the focus of research: 1) How the principal’s efforts in improving teacher competence, 3) the principal’s efforts in improving teacher competence ?. From the research results
can be concluded, that 1) Efforts principals in improving teacher competence. 2) Factors that support the principal’s efforts in improving teacher competence. 3) Principal inhibiting factors in improving teacher competence.

Keywords: Principal Leadership, Teacher Competency

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