Strategi Kepala Sekolah Dalam Meningkatkan Citra Sekolah di SD Islam AN NUR Bungur

Dewi Agus Triani


Today's society is more selective in choosing schools. This condition causes schools to compete with one another and show their existence. This study is intended to analyze the principal’s efforts designing strategies to improve the good image of the school in society. This study used a qualitative approach with the research location at SD Islam An Nur Bungur Tulungagung. Interview, observation, and documentation were used to collect the data. The findings indicate that headmaster’s planning program in improving the good image of the school includes: (1) assessing and identifying various strengths and weaknesses of the school by making continuous improvements by considering opportunities and threats to achieve the vision and mission; (2) improving physical and non-physical conditions; and (3) making promotions to the wider community. Mobilization of school resources in improving the good image of the school is carried out by: (1) managing the needs, competencies and harmonization of teachers and staff; (2) increasing the standard of school facilities; (3) holding regular meetings; (4) strengthening the school administration system; (5) and improving the quality of services and education. To Set targets in improving the good image of the school is done by realizing the Adiwiyata school, improving the quality of education, and increasing community trust in the existence of the school.

Keyword: Strategy; Headmaster; Image

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