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There is no denying that every Muslim believes in God's Oneness and the apostolate of the Prophet Muhammad. But it also needs to be realized that humans are not only required to trust the Prophet, but are required to follow and imitate him. Thus, it is not enough if only just believing. But it needs to be realized that imitating the Prophet does not mean following exactly what the Prophet did, and leaving everything he did not do. The scholars say: "we must imitate the prophet intelligently", why is that? First, because there are things that are done by the Prophet that are only specific to him, it is not permissible for humans (their followers) to do it, which is known as the term 'Khushushiyyah
'of the Prophet. In some cases, such as the marriage of the Prophet who married more than four wives. Second, because of culture. There are things in the life of the Prophet Muhammad which he demonstrated, was born from his culture. Whereas the culture between one community and another is different. In this case we (as his followers) are not obligatory and do not have to follow the Prophet, because we have our respective cultures. Thus it is not true to say 'everything that the Prophet did not do was forbidden to carried out, as it is not justified to also state that everything the Prophet did must be done '.

Keywords: Contextuals and Hadiths, Syari'ah Economic Hadits

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.30762/q.v2i2.1041


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