M. Mujib Utsmani


The era of globalization demanding transactions as quickly as possible, plus a shift in the culture of the people who are headed for the less cash society, demands the world of banking to continue to innovate technology in the field of digital transactions such as sharia (Islamic credit card). Sharia card basically belongs to the needs tahsiniyyat, which can familiarize humans to the best habits. But if it turns out in practice to cause ugliness, it must be stopped and abandoned. Because if sharia card does not exist, does not mean to harm the harmony of human life as when the absence of things that are dharuriyyat. Nor is there any difficulty in the absence of a hajiyyat. Sharia law is permitted, with the provision of no interest, is not used for transactions that are inconsistent with sharia, does not encourage excessive spending (istraf) by means of, among others, a maximum ceiling of expenditure, the main cardholder must have the financial ability to repay in due course; not using facilities for things that are contrary to sharia.

Keywords: credit card, sharia card, Islamic law.

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